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A Multi-Talented Free Spirit

Sky may be the limit, but the horizon is unbounded for those who dare to explore. Valorous enough to refute the social norms and gallant enough to walk into the world of music, Me’Lo the Generation Hero is an emerging sensation of her generation.

A vessel from the most high and an embodiment of the divine teachings, Me’Lo the Generation Hero ensures that her music is inspirational and upbeat to elevate the sullen spirits of her listeners. She embarked upon her journey as a serious music artist from a young age when the opportunity to record at the youth media at the Chicago Public Library presented itself. With her father’s teachings of poetry and rhyme, she began crafting lyrics that most accurately conveyed her emotions through her music.

So far in her career, the coolest and most important show she experienced was a DIY House Show. Not only was this show organized and professional, but it was also a fundraiser event, which made it even more meaningful. The Alexander Art Collective provided the show with photographers, live DJ, and Visual artists on stage, which made the show a complete hit.

As an artist, Me’Lo the Generation Hero prefers performing in diverse stage settings. So far, she has been on diverse bills with Rock, Punk, Neo Soul, Indie, Jazz, Hip-Hop and other kinds of stages. While there is an undeniable versatility in her stages, one thing is constant— the electrifying energy.

Originality in sound and quality comes naturally to her, which allows her to stand out amongst other music artists. Up till now, she has shared a set with several artists such as Jus-sul, Joshua Virtue, Spooktacular, TJ the Prophet, Peach Vomit, MC Foucault, Lex-Trifecta, Microphone Misfitz and many others.

With her single, “Grind and Shine,” which was shot and edited by DC Visual & VG out on SoundCloud and YouTube, she is now focusing on developing as an independent artist. She is devoted to growing as an individual, promoting individuality and encouraging the people around her to be better human beings. 

- Written by GeeGee Miller

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